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-All our services are FLAT rates.
-We DON'T charge by the hour.
(Even if a job takes 10 hours,
you pay the same price)
-We're here to save you time and money!
(Travel to your business or home MAY result in a $15.00-$25.00 travel fee)

Thank you for contacting The PC Smith1! We will call or email you within 15 minutes or less! We look forward to working with you!
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    Our Services     vs.    Big Box Retail

Permanent Computer Upgrade

PERMANENT Computer Speed Boost

Permanently increase the speed of your
 computer by
50% or more, that's right,

-We upgrade RAM, graphics cards, hard
 drives, routers, etc.

Total Price

$50.00 to $75.00 + Cost of parts 
(You SAVE 10% to 25%)

$45.00 to $70.00 + Cost of parts
(Only for students, military, & seniors)  

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Computer Upgrades

-Upgrade a select group of PC

WITHOUT speed boost

Total Price

$85.00 to $100.00 + Cost of parts

Provo Computer Repair

Computer Repair (Full Tune-up)

-Delete junk programs to
speed up your PC

-Free-up hard drive space

-Resolve system glitches/irregular issues

-Critical Windows system updates

-Driver updates

-Clear internet cookies

-Clear temporary internet files

-Clear browsing history

-Disk cleanup


-Disk check (to ensure hard drive's health)

Total Price

$75.00      (You SAVE 12%)

$70.00      (Only for students, military, & 

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Computer Repair Tune-Up

-Windows system updates

-Disk cleanup


-Clear browsing history

Total Price


Computer Repair Virus Removal


-Install the BEST anti-virus protection (Only
with your permission) and it's FREE for

-Update your virus detection files

-Deep scan for viruses and malware

-Physically check system registry for

-Teach you how to avoid viruses in the

Total Price

$120.00     (You SAVE

$75.00      (Only for students, military, & 

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Virus Removal

-Install mediocre anti-virus program

delete your current one (WITHOUT
 your permission)

-Sign you up for a yearly paid subscription

-Simple scan for viruses and malware

Total Price


Internet Connection Repair


-Update Motherboard/Wi-Fi drivers

-Router troubleshoot

-Restore internet connections

Total Price

$70.00      (You SAVE 17%)

$60.00      (Only for students, military, &

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Internet
/Router Fix

-Router troubleshoot

-Internet troubleshoot

Total Price


Printer Connection Repair

Printer Fix

-Update printer drivers

-Resolve printer connection issues

-Resolve discolored, misaligned, or grainy

-Replace toners/ink cartridges

Total Price

$70.00      (You SAVE 17%)

$60.00      (Only for students, military, &

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Printer Fix

-Resolve printer connection issues

-Replace toners/ink cartridges

Total Price


Backup Data Provo

Data/Hard Drive Recovery

-Recover lost documents, music,
 pictures, videos, etc.
from dead hard

-Please allow 24 to 72 hours to recover
 your drive

Total Price

$100.00     (You SAVE over 50%)

$90.00      (Only for students, military, &   

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Data/Hard Drive Recovery

-Recover similar file types

-3 days to 3 weeks to recover hard drives

Total Price

$250 to $1200

Recover Dead Hard Drive

Data Backup

-Backup all documents, videos, pictures,
 music, etc.

-Backup QuickBooks company data, etc.

-Backup virtually anything you want us to
 back up!

al Price

$100.00      (You
SAVE 33%)

$90.00      (Only for students, military, &  

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Data Backup

-Backup similar file types

Total Price


Computer Fan Repair Provo

Fan Tune-Up/Dust Removal

-Did you know
 1 out 7 computers
 overheat due to slow fan speeds and dust 
 build-up, resulting in dead hard drives,
 fried processors, and destroyed

-Tune fan speeds to remove excess heat
 inside your computer

-Remove all dust and residue

Total Price

$15.00      (You SAVE 50%)

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Dust Removal

NO fan tune-up

-Remove dust

Total Price


I.T. Classes in Provo

Comprehensive Computer Training

-We train businesses, families, and
 individuals how to:

 -Resolve 85% of ALL computer problems

 -Avoid and get rid of viruses

 -Always keep your PC running fast

 -Fix router problems

 -Fix internet connection issues

 -Fix printer issues

 -And much more!

 -You will SAVE $500/year FOR LIFE

Total Price

$100/Hour per Individual (One on one)

$75/Hour per Individual (Businesses of 4 or more)

$100/Hour per Entire Family (Up to 4 family members)

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Computer Training

-They train individuals

Total Price

$150/Hour per Individual (One on one)

VHS Conversion Services


-Convert your cherished home
 videos, vacations, or
business events from

-We also convert to digital format for
 editing purposes

Total Price

$20.00 each for 1 video (You SAVE 33%)

$15.00 each for 3 or more videos 
(You SAVE 50%)

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor VHS to DVD Conversion 

-Similar conversion process

Total Price

$30.00 (1 video conversion)

CD,DVD,Xbox, Playstation games Repair

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Restoration

-Fix scratched CDs, DVDs, Xbox games,
games, Blu-Ray movies, etc.

-We restore them like new

Total Price

$4.00 to $6.00 per Item  (You SAVE 20%)

Provo Computer Repair

Competitor Restoration Services

-Similar restoration process

Total Price

$5.00 to $7.00 per Item

Tip #3: Cool your Processor the Right Way!

Our processor coolers (left cooler) vs. stock cooler (right cooler)

For years processor manufacturers, both AMD & Intel, have included a "stock" cpu fan/heatsink cooler in the box. It's no secret that the cpu stock coolers for pre-built computers and even custom computers are underwhelming to say the least. Stock cpu heatsinks typically cause your processor to run 20-25 degrees C. hotter than your average aftermakert cpu heatsink. Plus, stock cpu fans produce so much more noise than aftermarket fans. 

In addition, stock cpu coolers cause your processor to "thermal throttle". In other words, slow down due to heat. Most processors' max temperature is 100 degrees C. Let's say you have 3500 mhz. (think "miles per hour," so 3500 mph) processor. If the temperature of your processor reaches around 80 degrees C. or more, it will actually lower the speed to around 3100 mhz. (3100 mph) or even lower to keep the processor from heating up further.

We recommend using a cpu heatsink with two copper heatpipes or more. The PC Smith1 offers to upgrade your cooler, replace the thermal paste on your processor, and tune your cpu fan all for just $50 + the cost of the cooler!

Computer Repair and Custom Computer services extend from: Provo, Orem, Springville, American Fork, Lehi, and more!

See "Custom Computers" tab (at the top of the page) for computer sales options!


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