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Tips for Cheap Custom Computers

Tip #1

Why Choose The PC Smith1 Custom Computers?

1. Our custom desktops include a 5 year warranty and our custom laptops include a 3 year warranty.

2. Our custom desktops and custom laptops include anti-virus protection software for life!

3. All of our custom computers use solid state drive (ssd) technology. Basically your computer boots up in 15 seconds or less and loads programs lightning fast! We use the latest processors from both Intel and AMD for the best performance for your dollar.

4. Our custom laptop computers start at $475 and our custom desktop computers start at $750. With our 3 to 5 warranty and anti-virus protection software we provide the highest quality custom computers and the most cost saving custom computers for the price!

Tip #2

If you're looking to increase the performance of your graphics card in your computer for games, graphic design etc., then you can try overclocking both the core and vram on your graphics card.

Some GPUs (graphic processing units, aka graphics cards) need under-volting or a little extra voltage to overclock effectively. Configuring voltage can be dangerous because you can permanently damage your graphics card.

The PC Smith1 provides graphics card overclocking services for only $50! We professionally overclock your GPU to squeeze out every ounce of performance while keeping your graphics card at safe and cool temperatures.