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We repair, upgrade, and build the fastest custom computers

 Our Custom Computers   vs.    Big Box Retailers 

Anti-virus protection for life,
year warranty!

Orem computer repair

Our specs:

 3.7 ghz. (3700 mhz.)
 4-Core/4 thread

 8 gb. DDR4 (2 x 4 gb.)
 3200 mhz.
 2 of 4 slots occupied

 RX Vega 8
 1250 mhz. core speed
 512 shader cores
 2 gb. vram (integrated)
 128-bit memory bus
 3200 mhz. memory speed

 250 gb.
 SSD (solid state drive) 
 540 mb/sec (4x faster than HDD)

-Operating System:
 Windows 10 Home (64-Bit)

-Keyboard & mouse:
 Yes, Wireless
 Word document, spreadsheet,
 presentation software

 Anti-virus protection


 5 years

Total Price:

$749.99      (You SAVE $150)

No anti-virus,
1 year warranty!

Orem computer repair

Big Box Retailer specs:

 3.3 ghz. (3300 mhz.)
 4-Core/4 thread

 8 gb. DDR4 (1 x 8 gb.)
 2400 mhz.
 1 of 2 slots occupied

 Intel 630
 700 mhz. core speed
 48 shader cores
 2 gb. vram (integrated)
 128-bit memory bus
 2400 mhz. memory speed

 1 tb. (1000 gb.) 
 HDD (hard disk drive) 7200 rpm
 125 mb/sec (4x slower than SSD)

-Operating System:
 Windows 10 Home (64-Bit)

-Keyboard & mouse:
 Yes, Wired


 Word document, spreadsheet, &
 presentation software
$100 to $230/Year

 Anti-virus protection NOT included
$50 to

 Bloatware (junk programs that slow your
 computer down)


 1 year

Total Price:

$799.99 +
$100 to $150/Year for anti-virus protection & Word, Spreadsheet, and 
Presentation software subscriptions!

Tip #3: Cool your Processor the Right Way!

Our processor coolers (left cooler) vs. stock cooler (right cooler)

For years processor manufacturers, both AMD & Intel, have included a "stock" cpu fan/heatsink cooler in the box. It's no secret that the cpu stock coolers for pre-built computers and even custom computers are underwhelming to say the least. Stock cpu heatsinks typically cause your processor to run 20-25 degrees C. hotter than your average aftermakert cpu heatsink. Plus, stock cpu fans produce so much more noise than aftermarket fans. 

In addition, stock cpu coolers cause your processor to "thermal throttle". In other words, slow down due to heat. Most processors' max temperature is 100 degrees C. Let's say you have 3500 mhz. (think "miles per hour," so 3500 mph) processor. If the temperature of your processor reaches around 80 degrees C. or more, it will actually lower the speed to around 3100 mhz. (3100 mph) or even lower to keep the processor from heating up further.

We recommend using a cpu heatsink with two copper heatpipes or more. The PC Smith1 offers to upgrade your cooler, replace the thermal paste on your processor, and tune your cpu fan all for just $50 + the cost of the cooler!

What does the company's name stand for?

My name is Johnathan Smith, I'm the founder and owner of The PC Smith1. The name of my company is a play-on-words. My last name is "Smith" and I fix computers, so naturally I'm like a blacksmith for computers. Hence, the name "PC Smith." The number "1" however, has several different meanings. In binary computer code, the number "1" means "true." I wanted my company's name to stand for "true and honest" business. Lastly, the "1" also represents the QUALITY of services, upgrades, and computers that we offer our clients! In other words, we are "number 1" or "the best" at what we do!

Computer Repair Services and Custom Desktop/Laptop Computer services extend from: Provo, Orem, Springville, American Fork, Lehi, and more!

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898 S. State St. Orem, Utah