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Repair & Services

-All our computer repairs and computer services are FLAT rates (except diagnostics that exceed more than 2 hours)
-Travel to your business or home is $26

-If services are not paid within 3 months: your computer and/or property becomes "abandoned" and will be sold or scrapped

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PERMANENT Computer Speed Boost

-That's right, we increase the speed of your computer by 50% or more, PERMANENTLY!

-We also upgrade RAM, graphics cards, processors, storage, routers, etc.


Diagnostics (Computer Hardware & Computer Software)
$26 to $104

-After 2 hours, a $39/hour charge will occur for every additional hour.


Full Tune-up (Computer OS System 


-Delete junk programs to speed up your pc


-Free-up drive space


-Resolve OS software issues/glitches


-Windows system updates


-Driver updates


-Clear cookies/cache/temp. files/history


-Disk Cleanup


-Defrag (if HDD)


-Disk Check (to ensure drive's health)



-Install the best antivirus protection (No subscription fees)

-Remove viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

-Update virus detection files

-Physically check/remove viruses from system registry

Router Fix 1_edited.jpg

Router/Internet Connection Repair

-Resolve internet connection issues 

-Router software/firmware repair

-Wi-Fi/Ethernet driver updates

-Increase wi-fi range/speeds

Printer Repair/Maintenance
$52 to $78

-Resolve printer connection issues 


-Clean/Clear jams and debris

-Fix discolored, misaligned, or grainy prints


-Update printer drivers

-Replace toners/ink cartridges

Data Transfer/Backup
$52 to $78

-Backup documents, pictures, music, videos, etc.

-Backup virtually anything you want us to back up

Data/Hard Drive Recovery

-Recover lost/deleted documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. from hard drives

-Please allow 24 to 72 hours per drive recovery

Training Class: Build Your Own Computer
(flat rate per individual)

-8 hour course (split into 2 days, 4 hour session each day)

-Learn to build your own computer and install/optimize Windows OS for maximum performance and stability.

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